Always find a way to help wherever you can.

In 2016 The Thrash Corp came across an amazing establishment, The Jabes Foundation based in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South Africa. An orphanage that was founded in 2003. They have taken in over 300 children in desperate need for a safe home over the past 15 years! Johan & Ronel Riekert has sacrificed a lot, most of their hobbies and just about all of their personal time to help these kids.

Back in 2003 they used their own home to start taking in children that had no where safe to go. One became two, two became four and just recently they had eighteen children in their home! They named their safe haven "Kosmos". Since then their hard work, dedication and hearts of gold has allowed them to open three more houses to change even more lives.


Clearly there's more than enough love for these children but The Jabes Foundation is a non profit organization, so their only way of providing other necessities for this massive family is through donations. Currently a few good hearted local people and business owners donate fairly often, the local supermarkets for example provides them with slightly damaged and/or products that haven't passed the shelf quality check. For example, a can food with a dent. This really helps Jabes a lot, but they can always use more donations, especially in the form of services such a doctors or swimming lesson instructors.

After speaking to Ronel Riekert(the house mother) we uncovered that Jabes has had online presence for a while as they attempted to reach more people to support their cause, but it was in a dire condition. So we stepped in and asked all the necessary questions and got to work. Naturally we sponsored everything, from putting the website together, hosting to whatever other requests they might have and or will have. Now Jabes has got a modern fully functional online presence that includes a blog and social media integration

We foresee our self helping and supporting this wonderful establishment for many many years to come. So let's sign off by attempting to inspire more people to put their faith back in humanity as these amazing people have. If you could help them in any way, please get in touch, or help out at your local orphanage, pet shelter or any good cause which way ever you can.


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